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Every once in a while, we like to pause for a moment just to ponder, “What if . . . ?” As many hypothetical situations and scenarios have already been approached in many different mediums, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at a world with absolutely, positively zero IT support. This, we assume, would be operating under the assumption that every electronic device in existence was somehow magically deposited onto our desks. (Because if we could make them ourselves, we could fix them ourselves, right?) Here’s what we came up with:

Without IT Support, Hardware Would Likely Become Flying Projectiles.

man throwing computer IT supportIn each instance there’s a problem with your computer – and again, IT support doesn’t exist in this world – you’re left to try to remedy the problem yourself. And, since there’s no IT support, there is no “googling” answers, either – especially since Google and every other search engine wouldn’t stay online too long without support and maintenance. Imagine trying to get your printer to print, but each time you try, you get an error message saying, “Cannot locate printer.” You try rebooting, unplugging, turning “discovery mode” on and off, hard-wiring, everything. Each minute that passes where you make no progress will, in turn, steadily increase the chances of your printer being forcibly thrust through your window.

No IT Support = No Upgrades.

very old computer hardware IT supportTechnically, IT support also includes updates on both hardware and software as old systems and programs become obsolete. Remove the IT support, and you’re left with what you started with. Imagine your first computer. Perhaps you first started on Windows XP? Windows 95? Windows 3.1?! Imagine trying to transact your daily business on a pre-Pentium processor, connecting to the Internet with your 2400 baud dial-up modem, and trying to surf the web on your browser – your AOL browser. Now imagine how long it would take just to download a 1 MB file? Add an unplanned phone line disconnection into the mix, and your reaction could likely mirror the one described in the previous scenario.

Goodbye, IT Support? Hello Viruses, Malware, Trojan Horses, etc.

scam pop-up IT supportMany of us have accidentally downloaded a virus or two in our time, so you likely know the hassle and downtime they can create. Now imagine having NO way of removing these pesky things you mistakenly launched, and just trying to deal with it? Think of all the wonderful extra toolbars on your web browsers, the embarrassing redirects to unsavory websites, the plethora of pop-up announcements proclaiming “you’re today’s big winner!” And let’s not forget the data-stealing and destructive viruses out there which would have your data for lunch on a daily basis. Your productivity just went from a snail’s pace to absolute zero.

Luckily for You, We Live in A World with Great IT Support!

There are some fantasy worlds that would be fun to visit. The one we just described isn’t one of them. Braver has every type of IT support your organization requires. Plus, we’ll make sure you always have all the necessary upgrades and none of the irritating viruses. Oh, and if you’re still on dial-up, go ahead and give us a call now. Seriously. Please?

Braver Technology Solutions LLC

Kenny Rounds is the founder and CEO of Braver Technology Solutions. Kenny has established an impeccable business reputation for enhancing the technology environment of his clients while guiding and educating them around the perpetually shifting industry.