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Every company wants to grow. However, if you approach your IT infrastructure as an afterthought, you risk drastically restricting the potential of your business. In addition, if outdated systems are left in place and functioning, they can soon become a burden for the company.

However, there are actual obstacles that prohibit companies from making investments in their IT infrastructure, including, among other things: time, a lack of knowledge, resistance to change, and expense. But despite these difficulties, most companies are aware of the necessity to remain innovative. Can you maintain competitiveness with your present infrastructure’s scalability, flexibility, and agility? Bravers IT Support Rhode Island and IT Support in Boston assist you in remaining competitive by enhancing your current infrastructure’s scalability, adaptability, and agility.

The following eight problems indicate it’s time to modernize the IT infrastructure.


Outdated Computers

Things don’t last as long as they once did, including the computers in your business. When you purchased your desktop and laptop computers a few years ago, they were undoubtedly fantastic. But, unfortunately, instead of speeding up your work, they seem to slow, hang, break and upset you more.

The first things that come to mind about IT infrastructure are servers and other networking technologies. On the other hand, your PCs are some of the most crucial elements of your IT infrastructure. The good news is that you don’t have only to swap out outdated models of the same types of aging or obsolete computers. It’s a fantastic chance to upgrade to more capable gadgets from the upcoming generation by replacing those outdated machines. Investing in tablets and other hybrid devices can also provide your team with modern tools that will increase flexibility and offer them affordable access to cutting-edge technology.

Questionable Hardware

As your company and workforce have grown, you’ve added more hardware. This suggests that your team extensively uses many computers and other devices. However, unreliable gear might make collaborating and communicating difficult.

Compatibility is a critical element of a smoothly running business; therefore, you must ensure your workforce uses hardware that easily syncs, shares data, runs the same software, and can be controlled and managed by one system. When you update your IT infrastructure, focus on purchasing synchronized, interoperable hardware so your employees can share and collaborate more efficiently.

Servers Keep Crashing

Server crashes are frequently signs of much more severe infrastructure problems. Limited bandwidth, insufficient storage, or inadequate processing power can cause servers to crash. Poor airflow in your server room, faulty discs, or, worse yet, malware infection can all contribute to server crashes.

You can ensure your servers are genuinely meeting the demands of your company by evaluating your server architecture and putting in place a plan that permits peak performance and expansion.

Lack of Storage Space

You urgently need to modernize your IT infrastructure if you run out of storage capacity. As was said earlier, a lack of storage space can cause servers to crash and slow down. But it can also result in other problems.

Your workforce might not be able to store crucial papers, you might lose extremely vital company data, and team productivity will slacken if you run out of storage capacity. Data storage migration to the cloud is a practical and economical choice. Unlike traditional storage, which needs the purchase, formatting, and installation of new servers and storage drives, cloud storage is infinitely expandable and can be added more quickly.

Aren’t Utilizing Cloud

The manner that business is done is being revolutionized by cloud computing. This is due to the enhanced adaptability, mobility, and collaboration that cloud computing provides. Additionally, cloud computing can assist you in implementing the same software throughout your complete crew. The cloud will enable your team to operate with the same up-to-date software, even if they are all using different operating systems.

It’s time for an IT infrastructure upgrade if your company isn’t utilizing the cloud. Bravers cloud solutions for Boston and Rhode Island can assist your company as it migrates services to the cloud.  In addition to providing your business with the extra processing power and data storage it requires, this procedure will also provide your workers with the uniformity, adaptability, and great collaboration tools you need to get the most out of your technology.

Lacking Dependable Backups

Has your business put in place a reliable backup plan? Unfortunately, the majority of companies cannot. Without a solid backup strategy, your business is vulnerable to data loss in the event of a catastrophe, security incident, or power outage.

A comprehensive data recovery strategy that includes frequent backups and testing should be established and put into place by your company. Full data backups can be kept in the cloud and spread across several locations. This allows your company to endure a catastrophe or loss of critical systems. Don’t think about data backups and disaster recovery plans until it is too late. Your IT strategy must include a solid backup plan as a crucial component.

The System Has Been Vulnerable

A security incident is the most obvious sign that your IT infrastructure needs to be improved. A successful cyber attack may impair your company’s ability to conduct business, damage your standing as a reliable partner, and even threaten its survival. Even while the episode had limited impact, it is still a hint of deeper issues that necessitate a complete revamp of the IT infrastructure.

To compromise your security and get access to your network, hackers take advantage of flaws in your system. As you can see, even a minor breach indicates severe systemic problems that require immediate attention. If your plans are compromised, you must do a thorough systems analysis, replace outdated hardware, update obsolete software, and strengthen your security protocols. Managed IT services in Boston and Managed IT in Rhode Island can assist you by offering proactive cybersecurity services.

Overpaying For IT solutions

The more expensive it is to upgrade and maintain older technology. The costs of upkeep and repairs start to mount over time. The nickel-and-dime impact is at work. To support the functionality of your systems, your IT costs shouldn’t spiral out of control.

Many organizations use this approach. They employ band-aid solutions to problems as they arise but fail to address the underlying, more fundamental issues. Long-term savings from a thorough IT infrastructure overhaul will be more significant. It will make it possible for you to put up an efficient system.

Reach out today to set up a time to discuss a plan to transition out of Exchange 2013. We want to ensure you have an upgrade plan in place by December 2021 to ensure a timely and smooth transition.

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