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Cloud storage solutions have been in use for more than a decade now, and they continue to grow in popularity. While the benefits of cloud storage are numerous and well-documented, it’s still important for small business owners to understand what exactly these benefits entail. After all, moving your data to the cloud is a big decision. Experts at Cloud Solutions Boston can provide your business with the right strategic guidance when it comes to cloud migration. Below you’ll find some of the most salient benefits of using cloud storage—benefits that may be crucial to your company’s future.

Advantages of Cloud Storage


With cloud systems, you can access your files from anywhere—from any device and location. Additionally, this access can be granted to multiple users at the same time. The flexibility and convenience of these solutions make them ideal for small businesses that have employees who often travel or work remotely.


With a cloud storage solution, there is no need for your employees to have any special training or equipment. All they will need is an internet-connected device and an account with you. This makes it very easy to get started using the platform. Additionally, there is no need for software on your end either; everything can be managed from a single interface online. Additionally, since everything is stored in the cloud rather than onsite at one location, there is no need for maintenance or backups of hardware or software because this would cost too much money and resources over time as well as require more manpower than necessary since all work gets done remotely through the internet connection that everyone already has access too anyway (e-mail).


Scalability is a major benefit of cloud storage solutions. You can scale up or down as you need to. This allows businesses to easily keep up with seasonal demands without any scope of idle resources or space constraints. And if your business needs to change over time, it’s no problem—your cloud storage solution can grow with you!

For example, let’s say your company starts with one person in a garage. You start by storing files on an external hard drive that plugs into the computer via USB cable (this is called local storage). Your company grows rapidly, however, and within six months there are 100 employees in three separate offices around the country using multiple PCs to access these files remotely via VPN tunnelling software (i.e., file server). Within another six months, you have 500 employees doing similar things from five different continents using smartphones connected through wireless hotspots in more than 10 countries (i.e., cloud storage). If you started out with a reliable cloud services provider like IT Support Rhode Island, they will be able to support your business effectively at every point of your business growth journey.

Disaster Recovery

There are a number of reasons why you might need to restore your data from a backup. In the event that your server crashes, you can easily restore from cloud backups. If there is a fire at the workplace, or one of your employees forgets to turn off their computer and it overheats and melts, there’s no need to panic—cloud backups will keep all of your data safe and sound. Even if someone hacks into the system and deletes files on purpose, those documents can always be restored from cloud backups.

No On-Site Server Maintenance Required

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, then you probably don’t have an in-house IT expert to manage your servers and other vital hardware. However, this does not mean that you can’t take advantage of the many benefits offered by cloud storage solutions. What it does mean is that instead of hiring a team of experts such as IT support technicians, consultants and managers; all the maintenance work will be carried out remotely by the vendor itself. This means that there is no need for any more staff on your payroll – which saves money!

In addition to saving money on employees, some businesses may also be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month thanks to cost savings associated with using a service like Google Drive instead of Dropbox or iCloud.

Cloud storage streamlines your business and makes work enjoyable

Cloud storage solutions can help streamline your business and make life so much easier. With cloud storage in place, you can access your data from anywhere, store as much data as you want, share data with other users, and access your data from multiple devices. Cloud nearly eliminates all work disruptions. For instance, a single user could be using the service while the IT department is using it to back up important company files. The cloud even offers built-in redundancy—if one server goes down for any reason (whether it’s an unplanned outage or someone accidentally deletes a file), there are always other servers waiting to pick up the slack!


Cloud storage solutions can be an easy and effective way to make your business more efficient. The features of the cloud are so beneficial for a number of reasons, but most notably because they make it so much easier to access, organize and share the ever-growing volume of data at your business. Cloud services also provide a more secure way to store information. This means businesses no longer need to have an on-site server with all of its associated maintenance costs – while having the necessary peace of mind in case of emergencies.

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