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Like all things, even dependable business software has a finite lifespan. In this case, Microsoft will discontinue the provision of security updates, bug fixes, and support for Server 2012. This signifies the commencement of what’s known as the ‘End-of-Life’ (EOL) phase for Server 2012, ultimately marking the retirement of this software product.

Why is this significant?

While it is technically feasible to continue operating Server 2012 on your computer past the EOL deadline, this decision carries substantial risks. Beyond this deadline, your computer becomes exposed to potential exploits, software bugs, and malicious viruses. Cybercriminals are especially drawn to systems with known vulnerabilities, recognizing that those who opt not to update are unlikely to receive assistance from Microsoft, making them prime targets.

Bottom Line: Starting in October 2023, Microsoft will no longer offer any form of support or repair services for Server 2012.

What does this entail for your business?

Server 2012 has already transitioned from mainstream support to ‘Extended Support,’ and this phase is ongoing. During ‘Extended Support,’ Microsoft continued to monitor for vulnerabilities and offered limited assistance in the event of issues. However, it’s crucial to be aware that such assistance came at an additional cost through Microsoft. Importantly, this ‘Extended Support’ is set to conclude entirely in 2023. Consequently, proactive planning to replace Server 2012 is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your business from exposure. In the absence of security updates, you may face increased maintenance expenses and compliance challenges.

What should you do to prepare?

Braver Technology Solutions stands ready to streamline the upgrade process and bolster your security. We provide multiple solutions designed to minimize disruptions while granting access to the latest features and benefits. A successful transition to a new operating system encompasses the following steps:

  1. Identifying which machines necessitate upgrades or replacements.
  2. Crafting a well-structured timeline and budget for these upgrades and replacements.
  3. Formulating plans for installation and employee training to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

We are committed to ensuring that Microsoft’s changes do not adversely affect your daily operations or cause any confusion. We are eager to schedule a meeting to discuss a strategy for phasing out Server 2012 and explore the array of upgrade options available for your network. Our objective is to collaborate closely with all our clients to establish an upgrade plan, thus ensuring a seamless and timely transition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to initiate a discussion on a robust upgrade strategy for your business:

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