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Over the years, Facebook has shown a poor history of managing your data. They have a reputation for covertly tracking and gathering details about their users, but, In an effort to win back lost trust, they recently launched a new tool to help users gain more control over your online presence.

The Off-Facebook Activity Option

In 2020, Facebook introduced the Off-Facebook Activity Option which allows you more control over all the personal data that apps and various websites share about you with the social media platform. The tool also helps you monitor the details that are accessible to third-party services by enabling you to view which websites are handing over your personal data to Facebook.

This is an important opportunity for you to take advantage of because Facebook is collecting ALL the data they can get their shifty little hands-on, from the articles you read and mobile apps you access, to which restaurants you visit, to which bank you access online, which in turn, makes you quite vulnerable to various virtual threats. As more and more people use their Facebook logins to access various websites including banking and finances, it makes it possible for sensitive data to be collected. This can mean trouble for you, either financially or personally if it were ever leaked or stolen. (FYI-No Platform can give data to Facebook without a user logging into that platform using his/her Facebook account).

How to use it

If you are uneasy with this type of tracking, especially since it occurs outside of using Facebook, you can view instructions to Manage Off-Facebook Activity. It can also be accessed directly by clicking on this link. The tracker gives you all the information that has been collected in the past 180 days.

Other ways you can manage your Facebook experience:

Protecting your privacy

Protecting your privacy online can seem like a full-time job. It’s not always easy to control the information that others collect about you, but staying vigilant and making sure you follow the precautions that exist and follow up on all the newly released tools and options available to you can help! Here are a few more articles to help educate you on this journey:

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