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Managed IT Services

We provide cost-effective managed IT services expertly. Your businesses will have access to our IT expertise around-the-clock by working with us as your managed IT service provider.

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Our Managed IT Services will advance your business technology with Our Level 1 Priority Care Services

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Effective Budgeting Our Priority Care is simple and straightforward. You have a problem, we fix it, that’s it. A flat-rate monthly fee for predictable, more effective budgeting gives you unlimited support from a senior IT staff that is ready to help you. We won’t send you unexpected invoices for things that you think should have been covered.
24/7 support Always Reach Live Friendly Support (24×7 and Holidays too). On-site and remote support for quick resolutions to IT issues large or small.
Strategic consulting Provides a competitive advantage with complete access to the knowledge and expertise for strategic development, technology assessment, and project management. Ensuring your technology supports your business goals.
Increased productivity Any downtime means a massive loss in productivity for your end-users. Braver Technology’s Level 1 care combines constant monitoring with 24x7x365 proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and maintain availability and stability.
Seamless integration We partner with some of the world’s leading technology innovators to provide our clients with the highest quality solutions and services. This allows us to provide seamless integration of services so you can immediately enjoy improved efficiency.
data recovery Whether creating a disaster recovery strategy from scratch or improving an existing plan, anticipating, planning for, surviving, and recovering from a disaster depends on assembling the right collaborative team of experts to protect your mission-critical applications and data and to stay updated with the latest best practices.

Leading Managed IT Services Boston What Do We Offer?

With over three decades of experience in leading IT services, Braver Technology is the trusted advisor to most local businesses industries.

As an expert managed IT services company, we offer 24/7 IT monitoring, maintenance, and proactive solutions to help you improve productivity, grow your business and leave your technology worries behind.

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Whether you need to supplement an existing IT system or outsource your entire infrastructure, Braver Technology has all your solutions in one place

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Flexible Business Communication Remote and On-Site IT Services for
Companies of All Shapes and Sizes

24/7 IT Help Desk Support Services

Our remote IT services are operated by expert technicians and IT administrators who are available at all hours to troubleshoot routine IT issues.

Our help desk has the capacity to install new software remotely, manage employee desktops, monitor servers, configure routers, and OS support.

Our remote IT help desk services ensure that you get a quick response to minimize downtime and improve productivity.

Technical Support

Technology is the lifeline of all organizations today. From day-to-day processes to long-running projects, it is imperative that your IT systems work correctly. Our managed IT services will regularly monitor and maintain your hardware, software, and mobile devices to ensure your business is always on top.

Our remote and on-site IT services are the best the industry has to offer—contact us to discuss the ways we can assist your small business.

Telecommunication Support

It’s near impossible to run a successful business without relying on telecommunications. Our flexible, cost-effective business communication offerings let you take your office with you anywhere! This means your customers and employees can stay in touch anywhere they are, so you never miss a beat.

At Braver Technology We Make IT Work

Braver strives to evolve the way organizations manage their technology by making it as easy as possible. Providing exceptional value through comprehensive expertise and access to cutting-edge technology and innovation, tailored to each company and industry it serves. The only worry will be remembering your password. ​


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transform your business IT Infrastructure
Management Services

Our managed IT infrastructure services aim to transform your business into an industry-leading, innovative organization.

  • Datacenter services—e.g., compute, store, backup, and archive your data.
  • Data, web, and infrastructure applications. For example, handling databases, middleware, web, messaging, and collaboration.
  • Network services, such as NOC, data, voice, video, and contact center.
  • Workplace services, including assisting you with ServiceDesk, Daa, your desktop, laptop or mobile, VDI, and app delivery.
  • Security services, such as IAM, GRC, and SIEM. We’ll help manage threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud managed services—we’ll provide cloud recommendations and support and manage the transition.

future of your digital transformation IT Strategy and Planning

IT strategy is an essential component of your overall business plan. Aligning your digital transformation and technology systems with operational objectives to achieve your business goals.

What is IT Strategy?

In today’s modern world, information technology (IT) holds the power that controls how a business is able to conduct its operations.  Technology strategy is the overall plan for the future of your digital and technology systems and how IT intends to support business goals and objectives.

Various components of a great IT Strategy?

Important elements to include are items that are specific to your business, including organizational goals, IT vision and concepts, expectations, limitations, requirements, significant projects, timelines, infrastructure, and management items needed to implement your IT strategy, including the necessary resources, processes, technologies, infrastructure, and management items.

How Braver Technology helps you develop IT Strategy?

As technology experts, we can help you put together an industry-leading IT strategy to prioritize your IT initiatives and validate your monetary investment to facilitate strategic priorities. We will take into consideration your company’s objectives, principles, and policies, planning out a competitive roadmap to support your daily operations and orchestrate the future of your technology. Delivering a unifying approach to managing and sharing information across the company to increase efficiency, improving collaboration, resource allocation and project planning as well as setting up a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for securing assets and minimizing cyber risk.

Don’t let your technology turn from an asset into a liability IT Service Cost Optimization Assessment

IT cost optimization is as essential to a business as resource optimization. Yet, it can be hard to know where to begin in the continually changing world of technology. Braver Technology’s managed IT services offer a flat fee for all our support, helping you minimize costs while maximizing benefits.

Areas you can optimize IT Services Cost

IT cost optimization begins with us. We’ll assist you in reducing your expenses in the following areas.

Braver can conduct a cost optimization assessment to provide a snapshot of the existing network infrastructure, strengths, and areas for improvements to help identify opportunities for planning and recognize immediate cost savings. Generally, a managed services physical site audit can result in tactical savings of 5% to 18% for equipment and transport, not in use, current contracts, inventory, redundant technology, and incorrect technology mapping.

An audit will provide information on industry best practices and can generate additional productivity and efficiency savings of 5% to 20% throughout the entire network infrastructure environment.

Proactively and holistically managing your cloud environment will ensure ongoing, cost-effective cloud operations. Braver will help you identify and remediate suboptimal cloud infrastructure provisioning and establish cloud financial management best practices to ensure your organization retains elasticity, high availability, reliability, and agility.

Reducing costs for IT hardware is a big hurdle most businesses face. The use of virtual machines and moving networks to the cloud can help significantly reduce this burden, saving money that you’d have otherwise used on hardware equipment, but that won’t completely eliminate your need for hardware.

Braver can further help alleviate some of this burden by passing along many discounts we receive, associated with buying direct and in larger quantities. Braver also makes it a point of striking a healthy balance between the price and quality of the equipment it provides delivering the best value for money.

Storage can be quite inexpensive looking at it from afar, but you must approach the decision logically and consider all the aspects your circumstances will require of the service. Choosing the right platform, the right services, and the right data management strategies are extremely important to integrity, security, and experience. Braver has done the groundwork for you and can provide the best storage solutions, without sacrificing performance or security.


Managed IT Services Why Choose Braver Technology for
Managed IT Services?

Braver Technology understands that your business needs to focus its energy on growing and improving. Let us take the technology aspect of the day-to-day off your plate and leave the IT to our expert managed IT, service engineers, so you can do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best.


We’ve never faced a problem in our IT service management history that we couldn’t resolve. With hundreds of years of combined experience, you can trust Braver Technology to answer your call, live within seconds.

You will have full access to all our IT services for small – medium-sized businesses for just one flat fee. Our expert team of engineers will answer every query you have with no surprise invoices.

What’s more, if there is we pride ourselves on getting your systems back up and running within minutes. We understand the pain of wasted time when your technology doesn’t work. So we’re determined to minimize downtime and improve your productivity with our fast responses. However, our regular system maintenance should ensure that your technology problems are few and far between.

So, what are you holding out for? Our Managed IT service provider teams are eager to help you and your company. Contact us right away.

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