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Disaster Recovery & Data Backups Services

Tapping into the expertise of IT specialists will provide you with expert guidance to facilitate your rapid response to a disaster, taking immediate action to reduce damage, and resume operations as quickly as possible.

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Reduce damage, and resume operations Backup and Disaster Recovery Services


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get the peace of mind that only the best IT Network Disaster Recovery Services Providers can provide. Our bouquet of services under IT Disaster Recovery Services include IT Disaster Recovery planning, IT Disaster Recovery Solutions, Business Continuity Services and more including.


Offsite Disaster Recovery

What disaster strikes, you want reliability that’s set in stone. We offer offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) that can help you bring your services and data online from a remote data center – no matter how much of a mess you are in. All of your mission-critical data is replicated in real time to the DR environment. This guarantees the readiness and availability of your data whenever disaster strikes.


Managed Back-Up

Regular data backup services can be key to the success of your Disaster Recovery planning. This includes automatically scheduled back-ups and even quick local recoveries in the case of rare failures. The advantage of subscribing to the services of a reputed Disaster Recovery Solution and Business Continuity Solution provider like Braver Technology is that we can enable your access to multiple data center sites, so your offsite recovery remains guaranteed to prevent a total site disaster. No more tape back-ups for you! Moreover, we also offer backup integration with the cloud. Thanks to our reliable, petabyte-scale storage cloud, we provide a highly secure public cloud replication service with proactive data integrity protection and emergency in-the-cloud virtualization services.


High Availability

Our data backup solutions are designed to offer real time redundancy and fail-over for critical services. We can also help you build in Site Resiliency that helps guarantee uptime whenever there is a power, ISP, or application failure. Braver Technology data backup and recovery has your business and mission-critical data and applications covered irrespective of the scale of the emergency you may face.

Why invest in Data backups and disaster recovery plans?

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Avoid Revenue Impact
Businesses increasingly depend on IT infrastructure; any interruption in IT infrastructure availability leads to direct or indirect revenue loss.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction
Re-acquiring customers and building trust with them post a disaster is very difficult; it’s far easier to invest in a DR plan.

Cultivate Partner and Client Confidence
Exhibiting a well-defined DR plan helps build confidence within your partner/client network.

Because Machines Fail
IT infrastructure has shown great improvement in terms of resiliency, but weak links persist; having a DR plan helps when those unforeseen issues happen.

Business growth and customer confidence depend on Reliable data backups
and disaster recovery plans

Whether creating a disaster recovery strategy from scratch or improving an existing plan, anticipating, planning for, surviving, and recovering from a disaster depends on assembling the right collaborative team of experts to protect your mission-critical applications and data and to stay updated with the latest best practices in order to:

Training and Preparation

Train staff on how to react in case of a disaster. This preparation will lower stress levels and give your team a clear plan of action when an event occurs.

Minimize Interruption

Enable your business to continue operating with minimal interruption.

Limit Damages

Ability to control the extent of damage caused.

Restoration of Services

Restore all mission-critical services to their normal state in a short period of time. Determine the longest time you are willing to wait until service is restored (Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

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Our business continuity plans protect businesses of any size, with any amount of data, from any eventuality

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Quick Response Seek our expert Guidance and Experience

Tapping into the expertise of IT specialists will provide you with expert guidance to facilitate your rapid response to a disaster, taking immediate action to reduce damage, and resume operations as quickly as possible and focus on the key areas.

  • Crisis Management: Commence recovery plans, coordinating efforts throughout the recovery process, and resolving problems or delays that emerge.
  • Business Continuity: Ensure that the recovery plan aligns with the company’s business needs, based on the business impact analysis. Download our BCP Guide HERE.
  • Impact Assessment and Recovery: The technical expertise in IT infrastructure encompassing servers, storage, databases, and networks.
  • IT Applications: Monitor which application activities should be implemented based on a restorative plan. Tasks include application integrations, application settings and configuration, and data consistency.

At Braver Technology We Make IT Work

Braver Technology strives to evolve the way organizations manage their technology by making it as easy as possible. We deliver exceptional value through hands-on, comprehensive expertise and access to cutting-edge technology and innovation, tailored to each company’s specific needs and industry. Your only concern should be remembering your password.


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Our backup and recovery Our Level 1 services protect you with

24/7 MonitoringOff-site, real-time backups and 24/7 monitoring for complete security and immediate data corruption repairs
On-Demand RestorationAutomatically replicated backups locally or in the cloud, with built-in archiving for on-demand restoration from any device
Network Storage Image-based backups that ensure data remains consistent across internal, removable, or network storage locations.
System MigrationFlexible cross-platform system migration that supports any operating system on physical or virtual servers

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