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Cybersecurity Services

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services offer a highly resilient foundation that spans across today’s expansive digital landscape. By leveraging a blend of meticulously curated threat intelligence and advanced analytics, we employ multiple approaches to network-based threat detection. This holistic approach ensures consistent and thorough protection from every angle, safeguarding your systems and data effectively.

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Become a Cyber Resilient Organization

Cybercrime has been setting records in recent years with cyberattacks happening every 11 seconds!

Cyber incidents are no longer a far-fetched concept for a small or medium-sized business and facing a cybersecurity breach or attack is not a matter of if, but when. Although it may appear as though big companies are the only ones suffering the breaches, this could not be further from the reality. Cybercriminals are aware that small and medium-sized businesses tend to be easier targets because of their relaxed approach to protecting themselves and small security budgets.

But, it turns out… Cybersecurity incidents are actually more expensive than the cost to protect yourself. Even seemingly “minor” cybersecurity incidents can have devastating effects on the financial, reputational, and operational success of a business. That is why security underscores everything we do, providing robust protection for critical IT assets and enhancing business resilience and regulatory compliance to help maximize the long-term value of your IT investments.

Braver Technology cybersecurity services have helped hundreds of companies gain a realistic assessment of their current security position. Our proven approach allows you to plug into our expertise to optimize your IT environment. Using our decades of experience delivering industry-leading cybersecurity services, we will create the most proactive, innovative, reliable, and secure system to keep your business safe from the threats targeting you every day.

We hold the most advanced certifications from globally recognized standards groups, IT organizations, and vendors. Most importantly, we have applied that knowledge in hundreds of environments and projects of every scope. This gives us a unique perspective into what works and what doesn’t in real-world applications so you can stop worrying about the safety and integrity of your network and highly valuable information and get back to what matters – business and innovation.

Small businesses are cybercriminals’
Favorite Targets

Cyber attacks impact an organization in many ways — from minor disruptions in operations to major financial losses. Regardless of the type of attack, every consequence has some form of cost, whether monetary or otherwise.

Here are 5 main consequences a cybersecurity incident may have on your business:

  • Financial losses
  • Loss of productivity
  • Reputation damage
  • Legal liability
  • Business continuity problems
Take the CYBER-RISK SELF-ASSESSMENT and see how you score!

Outsourcing cybersecurity offers several benefitsWhy Outsource Your Cybersecurity Needs?

Effective Budgeting

The cost benefits of IT Security Services are undeniable. Compared to in-house cybersecurity solutions, managed security services are always less expensive and provide additional value in terms of keeping your systems automatically updated to combat the latest threats.

24/7 support

Cybersecurity service providers are adept at dealing with niche cybersecurity issues that your more generalized IT security team may find itself unequal to deal with. With a third-party support provider, you can outsource the requirement of finding and hiring the right resources with the right set of skills.

Strategic consulting

Cyber attacks have been rated the fifth top-rated risk in 2020 and become the new norm across public and private sectors. Although security needs to remain front and center on the agenda of any modern business, outsourcing core security needs to the right Cybersecurity service provider can help you relax and pivot attention to your core business, better operational efficiencies, and deliver increased value to your customers.


Protect your business with best-in-classCyber Defenses For An Affordable Flat-Rate Monthly Fee

We audit your IT environments, policies, and procedures to identify your risks and then provide the most effective, tailored solutions. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts proactively testing for weaknesses while monitoring, investigating, and eradicating cyber threats around the clock. We also conduct post-threat analyses to continuously learn and stay ahead of potential attacks, so you never suffer from downtime, costly recovery operations, or weakened customer trust.

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Don't Become a Statistic

43% of cyber attacks target small Businesses!

Despite the misconception that only large corporations are targeted, small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals due to their potential vulnerabilities.

Only 14% of SMBs are rated as highly effective

Only 14% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks as highly effective: Many small businesses lack the necessary resources and expertise to implement robust cybersecurity measures, making them more susceptible to attacks.

$3.86 Million

The average cost of a data breach for small businesses is $3.86 million: Cybersecurity incidents can have severe financial consequences, including legal fees, customer compensation, and reputation damage, which can be particularly devastating for small and medium-sized businesses.

60% Go out of business

60% of SMB’s companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack: The aftermath of a cyber attack can be catastrophic for small businesses, leading to significant disruptions, loss of customer trust, and ultimately, closure.

Phishing accounts for 90% of Data breaches

Phishing attacks account for 90% of data breaches: Cybercriminals often employ phishing techniques, such as deceptive emails and fraudulent websites, to trick employees into revealing sensitive information or granting unauthorized access.

47% of SMB’s have experienced a ransomware attack

47% of small businesses have experienced a ransomware attack: Ransomware attacks, where cybercriminals encrypt valuable data and demand a ransom for its release, can paralyze operations and compromise sensitive information, posing a significant threat to small businesses.

Business SecurityOur cybersecurity suite guards your business with:

Email encryption softwareEmail encryption software and filters that protect your outgoing information and inboxes from spam, phishing, viruses, and ransomware
Threat Identification Real-time scanning, penetration testing, and threat identification for servers, desktops, and mobile devices.
Wi-Fi configurations Managed Wi-Fi configurations with strict user access and inbound traffic controls
Content filtering Content filtering to block suspicious and undesirable websites
Defend Latest Malware Up-to-the-minute software updates and upgrades to defend against the latest malware.
Our cutting-edge Scanning technologies meticulously analyze your network, systems, and applications, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

At Braver Technology We Make IT Work

Braver strives to evolve the way organizations manage their technology by making it as easy as possible. Providing exceptional value through comprehensive expertise and access to cutting-edge technology and innovation, tailored to each company and industry it serves. The only worry will be remembering your password.


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