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IT Sales + Leasing

Procuring IT hardware and software assets is about more than just buying computers, equipment, and software. IT procurement serves a vital role in the understanding of strategic and operational goals.

The Braver team doesn’t work on commission

We stay up to date on the latest tech trends. With 30+ years of experience understanding the needs of businesses like yours, we can help you find the right solutions and products for you.

Given the significance of technology to the success of a business and overall digital transformation, we know how important it is to identify exactly which technology will best serve the business before a recommendation or purchase is made to provide the best possible IT investment. Everything we recommend is always in the best interest of the business (not us).

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IT Procurement together with IT Consulting

Braver Technology has more than 30 years of experience supporting the IT needs of Boston and Rhode Island’s finest law and financial firms, medical practices, construction and development organizations, manufacturing, and not-for-profit institutions.

Our experience has provided us with a strong understanding of the unique business, technology, and regulatory needs of not only industry-specific requirements but the distinctive needs of companies of varying sizes, including small and medium-sized companies. These needs include standard IT equipment and supplies, accessories, software, and other network system needs and devices.

Procurement benefitsfrom the clients perspective

We do this all day, every day, saving businesses time, aggravation, and money. Experience such as ours is required for properly specifying the right product, avoiding errors in ordering, returns, and restocking fees. In addition, our IT procurement services will ensure that your hardware and software purchases align with your industry’s security and compliance requirements.

Time-efficiency: Employees won’t have to spend time waiting to talk to vendors or evaluate multiple solutions. Braver handles that.

Cost-efficiency: Braver has built relationships with multiple suppliers, gained insight into the market, and has the advantage of reseller pricing (passing along the savings to you!)

Expertise: Braver has the technical expertise necessary to choose the best solutions for you. No guesswork is needed.

Consistency: By outsourcing procurement, you gain a consistent, reliable process that you can rely on in the long term.

Installation and deployment: We incorporate installation and deployment services into the managed procurement services to provide extra value to you.

By integrating these aspects into your IT procurement from the onset, you’ll benefit from long-term savings in cost and risk while receiving bundled set-up, installation, integration, and deployment from our team of experts.

how we can help you

implement best practices Featured Partners

In order to access today’s latest and greatest hardware, software, and service solutions, Braver maintains preferred partnerships with the IT industry leaders – such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Cisco, SonicWall, Adobe, Microsoft, datto, VMWare, and many others. We negotiate with OEMs on your behalf to secure the best volume pricing, hidden or low-key warranties, and other beneficial inputs for lowering your long-term IT system costs.

Our long-standing relationships with major industry distributors allow Braver to provide competitive pricing on all IT products and solutions and bundle with our professional services to provide a complete solution for your hardware refresh initiatives.

MICROSOFT (Gold Partner)

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have made it to the highest level of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. This enables us to get the best prices and gives us unique insights and experience with Microsoft products, solutions, and implementation.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365 Licensing
  • Microsoft Office Suite Licensing
  • Power BI
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365 Dynamics

DELL (Gold Partner)

Obtaining the Gold Partner status from Dell EMC means that we have passed a rigorous vetting process as well as obtained Dell EMC competencies. We are a trusted representative for them and can provide expert advice on their products.

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • SANs

CISCO (Premier Partner)

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in networking with Cisco products. Being a premier partner also gives us additional access to support and products from Cisco.

  • Meraki Products
  • Switches
  • Access Points

SONICWALL (Silver Partner)

We are a Sonicwall Secure First Silver Partner. This means that we have obtained certification in secure networking with Sonicwall products, and can provide expert guidance in adapting Sonicwall to your environment.

  • Firewalls
  • Security Solutions
  • Content Filtering
  • Network Security

VMWARE (Professional)

We are a VMware professional solution partner and have extensive experience with VMware products and solutions. As a VMware partner, we have access to additional resources and assistance from VMware.

  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Networks
  • Multi-Cloud Environments

GreatAmerica Financial Services

GreatAmerica financing solutions offer our clients a streamlined approach to consolidating their IT expenses into one simple, single monthly invoice. This has improved our client’s refresh cycles and driven additional projects ensuring they stay secure as technologies come and go and are able to compete in their markets using the most advanced technology available.


Our Other Key PartnersLeading Technology Innovators

We are here to help

By implementing IT procurement best practices, you will leverage major improvements in both operations and strategic goals.

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Grow your business with: IT Procurement Best Practices

Purchase Technology That Aligns with Organizational Needs

Technology should be strategically acquired so that it fits in with and supports business goals. Having to work around and modify your IT environment or processes and workflows with a patchwork environment will lead to both inefficiencies and integration problems.

Purchasing for the Future

Many organizations seek to lower their capital acquisition costs and therefore make purchasing decisions based on short-term needs and upfront price. However, top companies choose to look at total cost of ownership ensuring that the most cost-effective option is selected that will offer the best ROI.

Involve Stakeholders

As part of a strategic tracking process, It is important that all relevant stakeholders are involved in the IT procurement process to allow your procurement personnel to thoroughly understand the organizational needs, budget, and how all the intended acquisitions will impact operations.

Minimize Risk

From technology that fails to support the company’s needs to potential financial or compliance issues down the road, our procurement specialists will work with risk mitigation and security in mind:

  • Conducting a full risk analysis
  • Determining the probability of financial losses
  • Strategic planning for future projects, and implementing plans to reduce their impact
Forming Strategic Relationships

Forging a close relationship with specific vendors offers several advantages. Not only will this result in cost savings by leveraging pricing and logistical practices, but the relationships can also help to resolve adoption problems more efficiently, eliminate rogue buying and integration with existing ERP systems and allow for the establishment of service level standards and agreements.

Understanding your IT Infrastructure

Before approaching IT procurement, Braver IT procurement specialists review the benefits and difficulties your company likely faces, and efforts are aimed at improving the effectiveness. Factors such as current hardware and/or software falling out of compliance, not having the right features, higher cost-of-ownership and others make our IT procurement strategy key.


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Braver Technologies is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach.


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