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When it comes to working in a modern office, you want to maximize your efficiency and be as productive as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take advantage of multiple monitors.

Working with two or more monitors has virtually limitless benefits, but we rounded up the top 5 benefits to using multiple monitors for you to consider.  



You too could be this productive with multiple monitors! 

Increase In Productivity

The data doesn’t lie – studies have shown that using a dual monitor setup can increase your productivity and reduce errors. In one study conducted by the University of Nevada, participants found multiscreen desktops “significantly more useful” and “preferred on every measure of usability” to single monitor setups.



Setting up and using multiple monitors is simpler than you might think. Installing an additional monitor doesn’t require any extra software. Plus, all the settings for multiple monitors are located within the same controls as your individual. It’s as easy as “drag and drop” to move applications from one screen to the other.  

Feel like you’d rather have a professional’s help? Our engineers are more than happy to assist with the installation and set-up of a multiple monitor workstation.


Use Programs Simultaneously  

With two monitors, you can run multiple applications simultaneously. For example, you can have Quick Books open on one monitor, and have a Microsoft Excel worksheet open on the other. 

This is a huge advantage for users who typically work with multiple programs that require a large amount of workspace. Instead of having to press Alt + Tab to switch between programs, a user can have an entire screen dedicated to their primary application, while the other can be used for another program. 

Also, sharing data between applications can be much smoother. For example, if you are editing photos, moving images into programs like Photoshop is a breeze. Simply drag an image from the File Explorer on one screen, to your editing program of choice on the other. 


Increase in Communication

Having multiple monitors provides you with the opportunity to increase communication, both with your colleagues and your customers. Having one dedicated screen to monitor your incoming emails or social media ensures that an important update is never missed.   

This is a huge help if you monitor a support email or chat box feature on your website. The ability to always be notified of an incoming request will make you a customer service superstar! 

A dual monitor is also helpful for keeping up with your Fantasy Football Team or watching the newest trending cat video on YouTube, without getting too distracted. Come on, you know you’ve done it! 


Windows Integration

Windows 10 offers some new multi-monitor features, such as the ability to use different backgrounds on each monitor, span multiple screens with your background image, and multiple taskbars. This is a great way to get the most out of your Windows products and customize them for your specific needs.   

Some dual monitor benefits with Windows 10 include: 

  • More screen space for applications 
  • Easier desktop publishing 
  • Easier web development and video editing 


Braver Technology Solutions is happy to help you create the most productive and positive office environment possible through our customized hardware solutions. Please contact us for more information!  


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