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[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor for most computer users. While you are probably familiar with the more basic functions, here are 5 lesser-known quick tricks to make your Word docs stand out!

1. Highlight A Paragraph

Rather than trying to slide your cursor over a paragraph to highlight it, try clicking anywhere in the paragraph three times. Trust us on this one!

2. Return To Your Most Recent Edit

If you are anything like us, you tend to make several edits and rewrites before finally calling a document complete. If you ever need to look back at your most recent edit, simply press  “Shift + F5”.

3. Change From Lowercase To Uppercase

Have you ever needed to write out a title in all uppercase and then forgot to hit the Caps Lock key? Us too. No need to worry, simply highlight the text and press“Shift F3”. Problem solved!

4. Change The Size Of The Text

Want to quickly change the size of the text in your document without using headings or the ribbon interface? To make the text larger, press ” Ctrl + Shift +>”. To make it smaller, press “Ctrl +Shift +<“.

5. Repeat Your Last Action

Word remembers the last action you performed. If you want to repeat it, simply press “F4”. This means if you just tried making the font bigger or smaller (as per the previous trick), you can simply keep hitting ‘F4’ to continue to perform the same action.

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