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Microsoft is finally pulling the trigger and ending Basic authentication.

It is finally happening; the deadline is here. As we have prompted and warned for the last couple of years… Microsoft is finally pulling the trigger requiring users to switch from Basic authentication to Modern authentication. Basic Authentication is an older version of the password exchange for Microsoft platforms and a less secure mechanism.  It is being replaced with the Microsoft implementation of Modern Authentication, the newer and more secure version of logging in to Microsoft platforms, requiring Multifactor Authentication (MFA).


Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it says it is. Authentication technology provides access control for systems by checking to see if a user’s credentials match the credentials in a database of authorized users or in a data authentication server. In doing this, authentication assures secure systems, secure processes, and enterprise information security.

Basic authentication is where usernames and passwords have traditionally been the key lines of defense for access to a network. This outdated industry standard can leave credentials being sent back and forth over the wire in plain text, making them easy to intercept. In addition, the enforcement of Multifactor authentication (MFA) is not simple or in some cases, not possible, an absolute no-no as we move into 2023.

Modern authentication is a combination of authentication and authorization methods between a client (for example, your laptop or your phone) and a server, as well as additional security measures that rely on access policies that you may already be familiar with, like Multifactor authentication (MFA). Modern authentication also lets administrators tailor authentication policies to meet their access control requirements. Admins can configure access policies from a single, centralized location with modern authentication to account for all users, instead of having to configure access for every individual application where network access is needed.


Starting in January 2023, Microsoft will permanently disable Basic Authentication. During the first week of January, we will begin enforcing this change. Your users will have 14 days to adhere, by installing + utilizing MFA. While many of you have taken the steps necessary by upgrading clients, apps, and scripts, and communicating with end users already, there are still some of you where this change will require you to now take the steps to prevent log-in failures by implementing and updating MFA to log into your Microsoft applications.

We understand that the deprecation of Basic Auth might be an adjustment for your organization. That’s why we’re committed to helping you transition to the new authentication method with minimal disruption. We have created a document to help with setup (click the button below). Follow the instructions in the document to become compliant. If you need a hand in implementing this for your team, we can help. Please reach out to our sales department for a quote to get you set up:

If you need more information about this or have questions, give our office a call. 508-824-2260 or send an email to


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