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Many companies have been transitioning their employees back into the office over the last few weeks. Data released in March showed 24.2 percent of employees in 10 major cities across the US were currently going into the office. That number expected to grow as more and more vaccines are administered to those in the workforce.


The fear of the virus is still a common obstruction to returning to business as usual. Most companies recognize that vaccines may not eliminate all the anxiety about returning to the office especially because it is being replaced with increasing concern about employees losing the flexibility gained while working from home, and what the new normal will look like.

To help alleviate some of the uneasiness and concern, there seems to be an expanding movement for introducing a hybrid work plan. A combination at home / in-office model. Allowing employees to remain flexible, while reaping the benefits of remote work (increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, and lower exhaustion) and also experiencing the advantages of collaboration from in-person work.

The exact percentage between home and office will vary by industry and the nature of the jobs being performed. On average, research from Gallup recommends spending 60-80% of time remote (3-4 days at home in a 5-day work week). While employers are working it out, the only other caveat to the hybrid model is making sure that the technology can keep up with this new normal.


Keeping your employees (and company data) safe, settled, and on track working in a hybrid model should be the leading focus for employers right now. Many companies were forced to patch together methods and options to quickly make things work remotely over a year ago. It is time to reevaluate the platforms and equipment you are using and make sure they are the best (most secure) options for your team collaboration, organization, productivity, and team messaging. And, if you haven’t already, establishing best practices and safety protocols, training, and procedures for seamless and secure ways to stage returns and allow workers to continue to work from home will ensure this model can be the best of both worlds!

Every day, your business depends on information technology (IT) to operate. Thank you for letting us be there for you.

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