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vCIO stands for ‘Virtual’ Chief Information Officer. A CIO is a key position in an organization for technology leadership. This position provides a reliable point of contact for support in developing technology strategy, vendor management, new technology recommendations, review and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and providing key technology expertise for the implementation of the appropriate technology for the organization. If the organization does not employ its own CIO, this ‘virtual’ position is most often fulfilled by an IT Managed Services provider (vCIO).


Employing a full-time salaried on-site CIO can be too expensive for a small to medium-sized business to take on. As a result, many organizations struggle to keep up with technology requirements and developments (especially in the world of cybersecurity). Implementing provisional technology solutions just to keep themselves inching forward or barely keeping themselves afloat. Trying to support growth or changes in their industry.

Think of a vCIO as one of the most essential pieces in your organization’s digital innovation team. Giving you complete access to the knowledge and expertise of employing a full-time CIO, in addition to a variety of support staff and engineers, providing a competitive advantage in a comparatively cost-effective way. The vCIO and their own team are there for you when you need them. They will even work alongside your existing IT staff, strengthening your technological foothold to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.


A good vCIO is proactive and will be focused on providing you with a solid recommendation framework that can be regularly adjusted as your business goals evolve. Though virtual is in name, the relationship between the decision-maker and the vCIO should be consistent, productive, and personal.

Performing periodic assessments of the entire work environment, from the hardware and software to the infrastructure and business procedures will reveal opportunities to improve and stay aligned with best practice and security standards. These reviews also identify ways to use your information systems to increase value and maintain actionable data for determining future objectives.

Keeping on top of industry trends and being able to analyze the impact these changes could have on your business is essential to helping to invest in the right technology and determine prospective implementations for your organization long-term.

Taking regular strategic looks at your technology reports and how all the pieces operate collectively will keep you ahead of your competitors. Expect periodic meetings to evaluate, consider, and take action on items that unfold with the ever-changing tech world:

  • IT strategy development + compliance needs
  • Current/Future IT projects and expenses
  • Business application selection
  • System integrations
  • Data and business intelligence
  • Office productivity
  • Relationship health and partnership alignment
  • Support metrics and satisfaction scores
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Cybersecurity training

Our goal is to provide you and your team with secure and reliable access to your data so that you can focus on running the business. If you have questions or are interested in what options are available to you, you can always speak with our experts. We can provide sound advice and help guide you in the right direction.

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