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Apple excels at providing its customers with the most user and environment friendly devices as ever. They keep on updating its system if when error is found and are known to match the requirements of customers more than any other company. An apple device is packed with a cool design, amazing features and a sophisticated layout with durability. Locked inside them are their amazing tips and tricks. We fall in love with every shiny device Apple introduces. So today we will be mentioning some very useful tips and tricks present in an IPhone.

Some Tips and Tricks of IPhone are as follows:


Alphanumeric Passcode

IOS takes care of user’s safety and security very well and along those lines it has introduced a new feature by which we can use a six digit alphanumeric code. So now we can use alphabet as well as numbers like similar to what we use for websites.



Settings -> Touch ID -> Passcode -> Change Passcode -> Passcode options -> Select Alphanumeric code -> Enter your new code


  • Stop the Music with a Timer

Most of us are music lovers and opt to listening to music in free or stressful time. IOS brings us a whole new music world and feature by enabling us to set a timer to stop the music itself when needed. You can simply do that by the following method:


Click on the Clock -> Timer -> When Timer ends scroll down and press on Stop Playing. Set a timer for say 15 minutes and press on Start. The music will start and will stop after exactly 15 minutes.


  • Forming a Custom Reply to calls you can’t answer

Sometimes there are calls you can’t pick up and it may be rude to transfer them to voicemail thus you can create a message to tell them that you are here but busy. You can create this message with IOS.

You would need to swipe up on the phone icon and choose respond with text or click on the button labeled Message above the Slide to answer slider. There are some messages already there to help you in emergency but you can customize it by going to settings -> Phone -> Respond with Text. Type in a new response instead of a preexisting one and you are good to go.


  • Select the groups that can reach you

You can always select the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature and get away with all the useless calls, texts or notifications. Sometimes you want to be accessible to some important things while not to all. For this IOS has provided the ability to create a group of contacts that can reach you even on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. They might include your sick mom or pregnant wife etc. Follow the instructions in the picture to achieve it:


  • Sending message in invisible Ink

Yes you read it right. IPhone has brought magic into reality by introducing this cool trick. This would not only help you send something private to your friend but also amaze others with this feature. Just follow these simple steps:



Compose your message -> Press the blue send arrow to open the effects window -> choose the invisible ink option -> Send it

The recipient would need to tap it to reveal its contents and it will be invisible again after a few seconds.


  • Adding Animations with the message:

IPhone updates are getting more and more creative and interesting. With each new one you have a new cool feature to look forward to. Recetly it has brought a whole new life to the messages app. Now you can send animations along with messages and surprise the other person. Just follow a few simple steps and bring life to your words:



Type in your message in the Messages app. Press on the blue arrow button, tap and hold it and click it with a force if you are doing it on an IPhone 6s. It will transfer you onto the effects window. Choose your desired animation from the list like Confetti, Balloons, Laser , Shooting star, Fireworks etc. Press send and be ready to get amazing remarks.


Braver Technology Solutions LLC

Braver Technology Solutions LLC

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