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Summer is here, and it is time to switch off your phone, shut out the world and get ready for some fun-in-the-sun adventures. Taking a vacation and having a little fun does wonders for stress levels, maintains vigor and allows us to recharge. Chances are, you have already decided on your summer destination, and if you have, it might be the right time to think about what to bring along.

And no, we are not talking about the basic beach gear, such as a cool swimsuit, a beach towel, and a good-quality sunscreen.We are talking about fun technology in the form of gadgets that can make your trip much better, and provide you some additional activities to participate in.

1.     Video Camera Scuba Mask

Swimming alongside the fish, in the depths of water, is an indescribable experience, literally. You may talk for hours and still may not be able to really explain the thrill you felt. Fortunately, a video camera scuba mask can help you do that.

2.     eBook Reader

With aneBook reader, you can now bring your entire library to the beach. Generally, it can be a little difficult to select a book that you would thoroughly enjoy reading while soaking some sun at the beach. With Kindle, however, you don’t have to think too much since it allows you to stack up on your favorite books without taking up too much space or causing any inconvenience.

3.     RC Metal Detector

Digging for lost treasures in the sand is a fun and great way to pass time along with getting a tan. An RC dune buggy makes the whole experience even more fun as it combines the convenience of a remote control with the thrill of a treasure hunt, and you never know what you may find!


4.     Water-Resistant Speakers

There’s no better way to relax than by sitting in the water while listening to your favorite beats. Thanks to water-resistant speakers, you can relax to your jam without having to worry about it getting  damaged.

5.     BeachSheetz Microfiber Sheet

Get ready for an awesome beach adventure with this Microfiber Outdoor Sheet. Measuring 7 x 7 feet, this sheet tackles all the inconveniences of being in the sun.It is heat, sand, and water-resistant. Additionally, it features weightedbeanbag corners that will ensure the sheets never blow away. The material is ripstop polyester, which is super durable and quite lightweight. The sheets also have an inbuilt drawstring, making them relatively easy to transport. You can also store your phone, wallet, keys, and more in the hidden pocket.

6.     Zayak Underwater View Sea Sled

When at the beach, don’t just restrict yourself to exploring the land. With the Zayak Underwater View Sea Sled, you can get a breathtaking front row seat to the sea. This unique device is made from a long-lasting material with a dry mask on the top for added comfort and a wide panoramic window on the bottom to allow for a stunning underwater view. With this amazing product, you can relax on the water surface as you enjoy the flora and fauna below.

7.     Cellphone Signal Enhancer

Not all beaches offercellphone coverage, but you easily get over this problem by bringing your own signal amplifier. Let’s be real, some of us can’t really avoid business obligations even when we are supposed to be having fun, and this cellphone signal enhancing technology can be extremely useful as it allows you to tend to emergency calls.

8.     A Deck of Water-Resistant Cards

Card games will never go out of fashion and are a great group activity when you are feeling too lazy to play volleyball or go for a dive. Unfortunately, cards are fragile and can be easily destroyed with wet hands and water drenched players. However, with water-resistant cards, you can completely avoid this problem and make the most out of your time at the beach.

9.     Watershot SPLASH Housing Kit

Turn your smartphone into a serious underwater camera and video recorder with this case. Special lenses, such as wide angle and flat port, help you capture the best photographs from your underwater adventure.


10.   Water-Proof GoPro Camera

Don’t make the mistake of bringing a camera to the beach unless it is shockproof and water resistant, like the GoPro Hero5 that is compact, lightweight, and comes with a touch display.

So, as you can see, there is plenty of tech available for you to take to the beach!

Braver Technology Solutions LLC

Braver Technology Solutions LLC

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