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Link History: Facebook’s Newest Adventure in Tracking

Hey there, Facebook’s got a new trick up its sleeve – introducing Link History! This nifty feature lets you go back and check out all the links you’ve clicked on while scrolling through Facebook.

Now, Facebook says it’s all about making your life easier, but let’s be real, Meta’s probably rubbing their hands together with glee over this one. Sure, it’s handy for us users to find stuff we saw ages ago, but getting to the Link History page can feel like navigating a maze, especially if you’re on a laptop.

But wait, there’s more! Link History isn’t just about helping you out; it’s also another way for Facebook to peek into your online habits. And in a world where privacy’s becoming as rare as a unicorn, that’s got us feeling a bit uneasy.

According to Facebook’s official spiel, they’re using all that juicy link data to supercharge their targeted ads across the Meta universe. Translation: they’re watching you, and they’re using what they see to sell you stuff.

And let’s not forget the legal drama – Meta’s been in hot water lately over privacy stuff, and it’s not a good look. They’ve even been accused of playing fast and loose with our data to make a quick buck. Yikes.

But wait, there’s more! Research shows that those in-app browsers Facebook uses for Link tracking.. ah, err “Link History” could be opening a whole can of security worms. So not only are they watching you, but they might be putting you at risk too.

So, while Link History might seem like a handy tool, it’s worth keeping an eye on just how much of your info you’re handing over to the Facebook overlords. Stay safe out there, folks!

How to Manage Link History

Link History is enabled by default, meaning users must opt-out if they wish to avoid it. Here’s how to control Link History settings:

  1. Tap on any link within the Facebook app to open the Facebook Mobile Browser.
  2. Tap the three dots (more actions) located at the bottom right (or sometimes top right) corner, then select “Go to Settings.”
  3. To enable Link History, toggle the slider to the “on” position (blue) next to “Allow link history,” then tap “Allow” to confirm.
  4. To disable Link History, toggle the slider to the “off” position (grey) next to “Allow link history,” then tap “Don’t allow” to confirm.

Note: Disabling Link History will immediately clear your link history, and you will no longer have access to previously visited links. Facebook commits to deleting link history data within 90 days.

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