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Law firms are often entrusted with highly confidential data, which makes them prime targets for today’s cybercriminals. You may think that just because you’re a smaller, local law firm that a hacker will never single you out, but that is not the case. Hackers target law firms of all sizes for the sensitive information, customer data, and trade secrets that they hold. Protect your firm—and your clients’ information—from cyber threats with these cyber security steps and avoid compromising sensitive information and damaging your reputation.

 Knowledge Is Power

It is a common misconception that a hack could never happen to your firm, but at least 80 of the 100 biggest law firms in the country, by revenue, have been hacked since 2011. And the 2015 Legal Technology Survey Report from the American Bar Association found that 15 percent of firms have been the victims of a breach. Knowing that hacking is a real threat for your business is the first step to making proactive choices to protect your firm.

Utilize Security Experts

Firms should consult with outside security partners like Braver Technology who can help protect all entry points from a breach. Entry points include web applications, servers, and endpoints. It takes multiple pieces to complete the security puzzle of full protection that ensures solutions are in place to protect all possible entry points.

Protect Network and Communications Systems

Every attorney knows the importance of information sharing between client and counsel, so having a network that protects this information is essential.

Having partners who can secure your network and systems from outside attack is crucial. In addition to these partners, all employees should practice good cyber security hygiene by frequently changing passwords, utilizing different passwords for different systems, keeping the most sensitive information from the cloud, among others.

Develop a Response Program

 Even with the best protection in place, breaches can happen. Cybercriminals are constantly innovating new ways to infiltrate systems, so it’s important to have a security partner that evolves rapidly to meet these ever-changing demands. But, it’s just as crucial to have a plan to address an attack when it happens. Yet, when surveyed by the American Bar Association, 47 percent of attorneys said their firms have no plan in place should a breach occur. Notify your security partners if you suspect a breach has occurred immediately so they can begin to investigate and mitigate the problem. Then, take steps to minimize the amount of data that can be accessed. Lastly, prepare for how to communicate the breach to your clients and future prospects.

Cybercriminals are smart and getting smarter, but it is possible to thwart them as long as you have the right pieces in place. Don’t let criminals exploit weaknesses and unprotected entry points, to breach your network. Instead of letting criminals infiltrate your systems, have a strong defense and serve them with proper protection.

Please contact us to learn more about our cyber security initiatives and how we can help keep your business safe and secure.  

Published with permission from Law Technology Today. Source

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Kenny Rounds is the founder and CEO of Braver Technology Solutions. Kenny has established an impeccable business reputation for enhancing the technology environment of his clients while guiding and educating them around the perpetually shifting industry.