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With the launch of Windows 11, curiosity about the details and what is to be expected is understandable. Unfortunately, hackers are aware of this and are currently using that curiosity to help them spread malicious software to the unsuspecting info seekers.

Evidence has been found to suggest that with the Microsoft announcement in June, regarding the release of Windows 11, the infamous “FIN7” cyber gang launched a campaign using social engineering tactics. It features an infected Word document filled with Windows 11 logos and imagery to entice and funnel reader’s curiosity.

When the infected document is opened, readers will get a message saying that the advanced features of the document cannot be accessed unless macros are enabled. Evidently if the reader opts to enable macros the integrated malware payload is delivered.

If you get an email (regardless of who it is from) and that message asks you to download something or enable macros, just say no. Most reputable companies will not require such things to view their content, and this is usually a big red flag that someone is trying to scam you and hack your info or deliver malicious content.

We are available to answer questions you may have or help you get the Windows 11 update installed on any devices you have that may qualify (This service does fall outside of the normal Priority care agreement). Reach out to one of our experts today!

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