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One of the most difficult decisions to make for your company is deciding what model of IT support is the best fit. When it comes to computer repairs or unexpected problems with your network, there are two approaches to handling these issues: break-fix services and managed services.

Managed IT Services is a model that provides a business with unlimited IT support and preventative measures at a flat-rate. Problems are identified and corrected immediately and issues are neutralized before they can cause significant damage.

Break-Fix service is a more reactive kind of IT support where IT only gets involved when something has already broken. Just like you would call a plumber after a pipe has already burst, Break-Fix services are called in after a server has already gone down or a computer has already gone down. This kind of reactive response also included invoices that charged service at an hourly rate instead of a flat-rate fee.

Getting the Most out of Your Services

Computer issues are beneficial for a service provider that takes a break-fix approach because they make their money  from repairs on issues after they happen. Managed services incentivized to keep your hardware and software working by monitoring everything instead of dealing with serious problems as they arise. While the break-fix IT providers benefit when your computer has problems, managed service providers benefit when your computer doesn’t have any problems.

How Proactive IT Monitoring Works

An MSP will use software to assess and monitor the computer components of your business. They will be alerted to potential threats, malfunctions, and other issues that could compromise your tech or business. This allows them to correct problems as they happen and minimize impact rather than waiting for the problem to grow or something to break. With less unexpected issues interrupting workflow, your business can work as efficiently as possible, thus bringing in more revenue.

Additionally, MSP’s will install remote monitoring and management tools that look for irregularities and sends up little red flags when it does. Because it alerts IT support to any issue it finds, IT would have to sift through all of the alerts and set up their own system for a computer problem triage center by prioritizing the alerts.

Professional service automation works with the remote monitoring and management software and orders the alerts in order of importance while giving IT a timed window of when this problem needs to be addressed. A hard drive that is reaching 50% capacity could be addressed less urgently, say within 72 hours, over a server which crashed and halted business operations, needing to be fixed with the hour.

These tools allow for the MSP to monitor, assess, and address any and all issues and problems that can pop up with your technology.

Ease of Access

With reactive services, employees usually have to go through a chain of command to get permission to have IT take a look at the issue they’re having. This can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process that could further complicate a computer issue. With managed services, any employee can request support and have problems addressed as quickly as possible. This immediate support comes without costly invoices and surprise bills that come with break-fix services.

Braver Offers You Managed IT Services and Much More

Once you’re ready to make the switch to managed IT services, Braver is just a phone call away. Or, you can simply send us a quick note, and we’ll be quickly in touch.

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Kenny Rounds is the founder and CEO of Braver Technology Solutions. Kenny has established an impeccable business reputation for enhancing the technology environment of his clients while guiding and educating them around the perpetually shifting industry.