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Windows 11 Upgrade and issues related to the upgrade are not covered under normal agreement.

Our policy is, and has always been, if an upgrade is performed by Braver, the support is included in your agreement. However, if issues arise related to any upgrade not performed by Braver, the support will not be covered under your agreement.

Right now, we recommend that you wait and not rush to upgrade just yet. With the launch of any new OS, it is best to err on the side of caution before committing to upgrade. There are just too many unknown variables to consider, from compatibility to age of the computer.

We will continue to provide information on the status of upgrading. We will also, of course, fully support, under agreement, any new systems purchased with Windows 11.

Reach out and contact our team with any questions.

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Jenn Gervais

Jenn Gervais is the Marketing Manager for Braver Technology. Her work is focused on building the Braver brand thru awareness and education, reaching clients and the local community. As a seasoned professional she brings 14+ years of IT administration experience to her role and uses these skills to help educate individuals on safeguarding their businesses and keep them advised on the exciting technological advances that Braver provides, supports, and maintains for its clients. With her experience spanning strategy, marketing, graphic design, business development, event + operations management, along with IT administration, Jenn is a strong influence in the workplace and uses her down-to-earth approach, encouraging attitude, and steady energy to keep Braver moving forward.