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New England Patriots Fans Have something else to look for this Sunday

As New England prepares to cheer on their favorite team this weekend we couldn’t help but look at the cool technology that goes along with the Super Bowl LI in Houston.


Since the inception of a Super Bowl, a National Football League (NFL), annual championship tournament, the technological advancements in this game have been taking place every year. It is the most popular football league in United States. Interestingly, the day, when Super Bowl is played, is considered by fans as unofficial American national holiday and is called ‘Super Bowl Sunday’. Besides, this game is one of the most watched T.V broadcasts in United States with 114.5 million average viewers every year. The following broadcasters in United States played a vital role in broadcasting Super Bowl:

  • NBC Universal Television Group
  • Fox Broadcasting Company
  • CBS Television Network
  • Monday Night Football (MNF), Television Broadcaster

High-Tech Cameras

The Super Bowl will use a remarkable and high-tech Intel’360 replay camera technology this year. It can freeze any moment of play and gives 360 degree views. The large number of cameras will be affixed in the ground. CBS Television Network will utilize 70 cameras while broadcasting the Super Bowl. Besides, 8 pylon high-resolution cameras with microphones will be installed on the end-zone.

In addition, the Fox Broadcasting Company will use Intel’s clips which provide view of the player’s eye from the ground. This feature is called ‘Be the Player’ and it allows the fans to view the same whatever the player is seeing.

Super Bowl Stadiums in the Future

In this year, the Super Bowl will be played at NRG Stadium. 1n 2018, the venue of tis game will be Vikings Stadium. NRG stadium is equipped with modern technology such sustainable energy revolution.

  • Six hundred solar panels and electric vehicles parking areas
  • LED lighting provides the beautiful sight to the stadium
  • The stadium is upgraded with Wi-Fi features.

Instant Replay Technology

The management staff is responsible for supervising the uses of National Football league (NFL), also Super Bowl, Instants Replay Technology. With the help of this technology, the decisions are revert and recent milestones are viewed on the large screen.

Live Streaming Technology

In the upcoming event, CBS Television Network would facilitate the fans by providing live streaming of the game on its website and by means of CBS Sports Application. This application is compatible with Windows, iPad, and Android operating system. It is free of cost and is available to everyone.

Virtual Reality

The most innovative technology uses in Super Bowl is Virtual Reality (VR). The NFL team uses VR headset for training of its quarterback without asking him for physical practice. The Patriots adopted this technology first of all. The companies, who provide VR headsets to teams, are EON Sports-VR and STRIVR Lab.

Player Tracking

Zebra Technologies, the Official On-Field Players Tracking Providers, provide the revolutionary player tracking system to the NFL. Zebra’s Radio Frequency Identification Chip (RFID) chip is placed on the shoulders of each player to track their movements in game in real-time and providing stats for fans and coaches.

Social Media Monitoring

It is also a great technology at Super Bowl 50. The security system is aimed to monitor the ground and space above it. Many security analysts and state’s agents are hired to protect the ground from any trouble. It ensures the security of one million people in the ground.

Wearable Technology

NFL is presently enjoying the wearable technologies that transform it into a modern revolutionary sports football game.  The wearable products for NFL are given below:

  • VICIS Football helmet
  • Army Researched-Laboratory tether System
  • Catapult Trackers
  • VR Headsets
  • Pivot-head Smart Glasses
  • Google Glasses
  • Go-Pro
  • Reebok Check-Light
  • Zebra Shoulder-pad Sensor
  • Bio stamp
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

Super Bowl Fun and Entertainment

Super Bowl may be one of the biggest shows in any year. This year we have the benefit of the Patriots being one of the combatants. What could be better. Well I guess a win could be.

Go PATS !!!


Braver Technology Solutions LLC

Braver Technology Solutions LLC

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