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We make IT work in the

current Digital Age

Since our inception in 1989, Braver has grown to become one of the leading go-to IT experts in the area.

Our Story From the beginning

It started with a concept … Our founder, Kenny Rounds, inadvertently found his way into the world of technology (like many of us did in the early days) and quickly recognized the need for customized service and support when it came to employing technology in small and medium-sized businesses.

He began to envision a company that would excel in providing its clients with innovative solutions and straightforward, support for their technology demands. Big enough to connect with a wide variety of industries and their specific requirements, but small enough to be efficient and nimble through a structured and consistent process, while handling each client as an individual venture, catering to their individual situation.

His vision, combined with modern business proficiency, technical expertise, and exceptional project management skills, proved to be the winning combination.

A dedicated team of professionalsOur team has helped
hundreds of organizations


Today, with our dedicated team of professionals, we are here to help make sense of things in the technology world. Making ‘IT’ work… Treating each and every client as a partner, working together.

Focusing on customer-centric service efficiency, quality products, and the most comprehensive safety and security options available on the market. We have been around the block a time or two and have helped hundreds of organizations align their opportunities and set new standards to enhance technology strategy for growth and stability for all those who have come on board with us.

How we workOur Core Values


Great Personality | Friendly | Team Player | Helpful | Supportive | Sense of Humor | Great to Work With | Positive | Easy to Talk to

If you are personable, you are friendly and get along well with other people. Someone who is personable can be outgoing, charming, nice, bubbly, amiable, pleasing, or generous, but he/she doesn’t have to be all of those things. It just all needs to add up to being pleasant.


Smart | Willing to Learn | Thinks Outside the Box | Experienced | Offers Suggestions | Multitasking | Innovative

Someone who is knowledgeable has or shows a clear understanding of many different facts about the world or about a particular subject. Someone who is knowledgeable is exceedingly educated and well versed in a particular subject.

Customer Focused

Enthusiastic | Goes above and beyond | Loves making clients happy | Cleans up work environment | Passionate | Follows up with client

Putting customers at the center of business decision-making, developing loyalty and building trust. Our employees demonstrate that the customer experience matters across our organization, uncovering and meeting customers’ needs, delivering excellent customer service, and incorporating customer feedback into the strategy.


Meticulous | Hard Working | Company Focused | Loyal | Thorough | Willing to Help | Focused on item at Hand | Accommodating

Dedicated means going above and beyond the scope of what is written in a job description. Being dedicated means doing as much as you reasonably can in order to advance yourself, your team, the organization and your clients. It does not mean living out of balance or giving 110% all the time, but it does mean that where and when you can give extra without causing yourself harm, you make the choice to give extra. Living out this core value not only encourages people to do business with us, but it also encourages our employees to continue to work for us.


Well Groomed | Timely | Honest | Respectful | Genuine | Patient | Efficient | Structured | Good mentor | Reliable/Dependable

Acting like a professional means working and behaving in such a way that others think of them as competent, reliable and respectful. Professionalism is not a skill but a collection of attributes which are developed over time. The professionalism we expect from our team is a collection of traits that put together make up an exceptional employee, and in turn, a successful company.

Culture We have built a
strong positive work culture

Strong Positive Culture = Trust, Productivity, Efficiency, Stability + Innovation


Our team members collaborate, share knowledge, communicate, and most importantly support one another. Our core values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. This means you have a well-oiled machine with a positive, thriving work environment on your side.


We treat our clients as if they were our friends and partner with them to build lasting relationships. Since our earliest days, our clients have been the starting point and drive everything we do. We are devoted to meeting them on their individua path, developing the strategy and systems needed for stability and growth.


A true partnership is a two-way street based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise. Our vendors embrace this philosophy. We have a solid framework in place and tailor our partnerships on a case-by-case basis, meeting regularly to review programs that will best fit with our client’s needs

The executive team The expertise and experience
leading our dedicated team.

Are you awesome? Come make
IT work... with us!

We’re seeking positive, talented individuals with hands-on experience who are passionate about using technology to create lasting change for our clients.