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Thanks to the way it integrates with cloud-based services, Microsoft 365 has grown into one of the most predominant productivity and collaboration tools available today. Around 80% of Fortune 500 companies have already taken their business data to Microsoft 365, and now smaller organizations are seeing the significant advantages to implementing the productivity suite into their everyday operations.

Here are the 3 top reasons your business will benefit from migrating to Office 365, benefits that you likely aren’t going to be able to find all in one place, working seamlessly together.

COST – Budget friendly bottom line

One of the most significant benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 has to do with saving costs associated with your infrastructure. The cost to upgrade and purchase new equipment has become increasing significantly over the last 2 years. By not having to replace aging servers while also gaining the ability to execute calls and web conferences, instant messaging and other collaborative tools like remote desktop and sharing files without setting up a VPN tunnel you are able to keep your staff collaborating and productive, with one low monthly price and with no equipment maintenance.

In addition to the cloud solution advantage, with Microsoft 365 you only pay for what you use. Available at a fixed rate, Microsoft 365 subscription plans make it easy to budget your business purposes without hidden expenses. There are a wide range of plans and configurations to choose from and you can easily add, upgrade, or downgrade your services as needed, mixing and matching plans across your organization based on needs of individuals. This makes Microsoft 365 highly customizable and flexible and uses the tools you already rely on (Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, or even Access, Visio, Project, or Power BI) So, you also don’t have to worry about relearning everything all over again or paying for training.

FLEXIBIITY – Work Anywhere, Anytime*

Microsoft 365 provides web-enabled access to just about everything. Documents, email, contacts, calendars… everything you need can be accessed anywhere, at any time (*with a stable and reliable internet connection or access to wi-fi), on any computer, smartphone, or tablet all while safeguarding your data in case of extreme or unexpected events (Microsoft also guarantees 99.9% uptime).

Microsoft 365 offers a seamless, collaborative work platform as well, providing a significant advantage for companies offering flexible work arrangements to their employees spread across multiple locations or working remotely.

SECURITY – Peace of mind

In the face of increasingly advanced the Microsoft 365 platform incorporates security at every level, from application development to physical data centers to end-user access.

Guaranteed by Microsoft, O365 complies with industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 and 2, and more. It is designed to help you meet the regulatory requirements of your business because it provides the same level of protection for documents, networks, and emails used by largest enterprises in the world. Microsoft data centers further manage your data stores and are certified to meet industry standard certifications.

Built-in tools allow you to control file security on a granular level, allowing you to set permissions by employee or by their role in your organization. Not only do you see who has what data, but you can also actively change their permissions, giving you complete control and transparency.

Today, fewer and fewer organizations can maintain an equivalent level of security on-premises and older versions of the office suite will no longer be allowing for two factor authentication.

In summary

Microsoft 365 is the best productivity and collaboration platform for your business. Continuously innovating and rolling out new features and functionalities, you always have access to the latest releases of apps, updates, leading innovations… All the latest, and greatest!

Using a skilled managed service provider (MSP) to migrate to Microsoft 365 will not require a complete overhaul of your IT but an optimization of existing infrastructure, making it the most cost efficient and seamless project you may undertake.

All these benefits plus the familiarity of the trusted tools you are already using make Microsoft 365 the right choice for your business. Reach out today to see how it can work for your organization!

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